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Jun 6, 2022 The name mau comes from the ancient Egyptian word for cat. They are known for their athleticism and are some of the fastest runners among domestic catsreaching speeds of up to 30 miles an hour. In addition to their striking appearance as one of the few naturally spotted cat breeds in the world, Egyptian maus are friendly and Egyptian Mau Kitten

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Egyptian Mau cats cost between $500-$3,500. How big do Egyptian Mau cats get? Egyptian Mau cats tend to be small in size. A fully grown Egyptian Mau cat might weigh between 6-14 pounds or more and range in height anywhere from about 11"-14" inches tall. How long do Egyptian Mau cats live? The Average lifespan for Egyptian Mau is 12-15 years.

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Pet Care Center An active, very strong cat, the Egyptian Mau needs opportunity for exercise but has a very balanced temperament. Egyptian Mau At a glance The Egyptian Mau is an easy cat when it comes to care. Brushing can easily be made part of regular playtime. Weight range: Male: medium: 8-12 lbs. Female: medium: 8-12 lbs. Eye color: Green

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Egyptian Mau. View Adoptable Pets for This Breed. The Egyptian Mau is the only natural domesticated breed of spotted cat. The Egyptians impression should be one of an active, colorful cat of medium size with well-developed muscles. Playfulness.

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Mar 19, 2018 Egyptian Mau kittens are not cheap. Since they are a breed that is still quite rare, a pedigree kitten can set you back anywhere from $500 to $1,800 USD. Price can vary depending on lineage, pedigree, coat color rarity, health, and if the kitten is intended to be used for further breeding.

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Apr 1, 2021 The Egyptian mau is a medium-sized cat with a long and graceful body and long, lean legs. Its body parts are generally in proportion to each other and it has a long, graceful tail. An Egyptian mau is usually medium sized, weighing in at about seven to nine pounds when full grown. [3] 4 Check for a moderately muscular appearance.

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The Egyptian Maus are interactive cats. They dote on their humans and expect to be an integral part of the family. Some people call them the gentle cousins of the Abyssinian. While they certainly arent hyper, legend has it that they have some of the fastest reflexes ever seen in a feline.

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Browse Egyptian Mau kittens for sale & cats for adoption. Egyptian Mau cats are a moderately active cat. They are not incredibly demanding or hyper but they certainly love to play and interact. They enjoy using their muscles and showing off their skills as well as learning and playing games.

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Apr 27, 2020 Egyptian Mau breed cats are known as highly active cats. They like to climb and jump, and love to stretch out maximum height along a long cat tree and appreciate window perch and solid scratching post. When feels happy, Egyptian Mau vocalizes in a pleasant voice. Emit unusual and distinct musical vocalizations like chirp, chortle when stimulated.

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Apr 3, 2022 An Egyptian Mau kitten weighs around 6-8 lbs. and gets bigger as it grows. Colors. Known for their gorgeous spotted coats, the Mau cats look breathtaking with their different colors and coat patterns. The Egyptian Mau cat comes in six great colors bronze, grey, silver, black, caramel, and pewter. Bronze, grey, and silver are usually the Egyptian Mau Kitten

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Jan 26, 2023 Whats the Price of Egyptian Mau Kittens? 3 Little-Known Facts About Egyptian Mau Cats. 1. Egyptian Mau Cats Have Longer Pregnancies Than Other Felines; 2. Egyptian Mau Cats Are One of the Only Spotted Domesticated Cats; 3. Egyptian Mau Cats Have Gooseberry Green Eyes; Temperament & Intelligence of the Egyptian Mau. Are These Cats Good for Egyptian Mau Kitten

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The Egyptian Mau is a natural breed, which originates from the Cairo area. (Mau is the Ancient Egyptian name for the divine household cat). They were first seen in Europe at a Rome cat show in the 1950s and from there were imported into America in 1957.

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May 23, 2022 The Look of a Egyptian Mau. This shorthaired breed is blessed with gooseberry-green eyes, a twitching tail, and a coat that comes in silver, bronze, or smoke beneath the natural spots. Thats Egyptian Mau Kitten

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Jul 12, 2011 The Mau, who takes his name from the Egyptian word for cat, comes in three colors: silver with charcoal markings, bronze with dark brown or black markings, and smoke with black markings. Pet-quality cats come in other colors, including solid black or blue, blue silver, and blue smoke.

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Mar 30, 2022 The Egyptian mau cat breed is a lean, athletic feline with a history dating back at least 3,000 years. Regal and intelligent, this rare breed is the only naturally-occurring spotted domestic cat.

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One of the rarest and ancient cat breeds is Egyptian Mau Cat. The breed has a glorious past and is related to the Ancient Egyptian civilization dating back to almost 70000 years. You probably know that the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats as Gods and Goddesses.

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The Egyptian Mau is a very elegant muscular cat that boasts having a naturally occurring spotted coat which can be in any of three colours. They also are known for their "worried" expression thanks to their large bright green eyes and level brows. They also have lines that run either side of their noses which adds to their exotic looks.

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Jan 31, 2011 Maus make excellent pets and perfect outcrosses for hybrids since they offer a very docile, outgoing, and cuddly disposition sometimes lacking in wildcat hybrids. Our Maus are offered as pets or as breeders for both Mau breeding and Hybrid outcrosses. All our Maus are registered with TICA and CFA.

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The Egyptian Mau is the fastest domestic cat breed, capable of running at speeds of up to 30mph! This is thought to be due to the unique skinfold that runs from its flanks to its knees, which is a trait also seen in the cheetah.

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