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Jul 17, 2022 Breed Overview Personality: Affectionate, friendly, sociable, and playful Weight: Up to 10 pounds Length: Up to 14 inches long Coat Length: Short or long hair Coat Colors: White, black, chocolate, cream, red, lilac, and blue Coat Patterns: Solid, bicolor, tricolor, tabby Eye Color: Any shade, though blue and gold are common as well as odd-eyes

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Japanese Bobtail Short Hair Kucing Japanese Bobtail memiliki bentuk elegan dan otot-otot yang terdefinisi dengan jelas. Kepalanya seolah dipahat dengan baik telinga besar menghadap ke atas, mata besar membulat namun dengan sudut yang miring.

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Japan Other Names Singing Cat, Weight 6-10 pounds Life Expectancy 12-16 years Japanese Bobtail Personality and Temperament Playful, intelligent, and with an attitude thats only a little demanding, the Japanese Bobtail cat is a rare breed with stunning looks, soft silky fur, and a melodious singsong voice.

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The Japanese Bobtail is an active, sweet, loving and highly intelligent breed. They love to be with people and play seemingly endlessly. They learn their name and respond to it. They bring toys to people and play fetch with a favorite toy for hours. Bobtails are social and are at their best when in the company of people.

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Japanese Bobtail Shorthair. Japanese Bobtails are strong and healthy cats. They usually have litters of three to four kittens that are extremely large for newborns. Compared to other breeds, they are active earlier, walk earlier and start getting into trouble earlier. This breed has a low kitten Japanese Bobtail Shorthair

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Sep 26, 2023 As your Japanese Bobtail enters the adult stage, you can switch to a standard diet containing at least 30 grams of protein per 100 grams of dry matter. These numbers can significantly increase due to life stage or pregnancy. Exercise . Your Japanese Bobtail will need quite a bit of exercise, but they take care of most of these needs on Japanese Bobtail Shorthair

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May 18, 2022 Appearance The defining physical characteristic of the Japanese bobtail is, of course, the cat's bobbed tail. It resembles that of a rabbit, rather than your typical cat. These pets' stubby tails are usually no longer than 3 inches long, covered in tufts of fur, and curled or kinked to one side.

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In the long hair Japanese Bobtail, the extra length of the fur on the tail may cause the tail to plume. The coat on a Japanese Bobtail is soft and silky with little undercoat. The Shorthair Bobtail has a short coat, and the Longhair Bobtail has fur that is longer than that of the shorthair, but really only medium in length.

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The Japanese Bobtail is known as well for his tricolor calico patterncalled mi-ke meaning three-fur and pronounced mee-kaybut other popular colors are black and white or red and white. He also comes in solid colors and tortoiseshell and tabby patterns. Some cat registries permit pointed or sepia-tone coats.

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Coat length Shorthair and Longhair Health Issues No strongly associated genetic conditions Prone to obesity Main Characteristics of the Japanese Bobtail Japanese Bobtails are relatively small to medium-sized cats, with triangular heads, pointed ears, and oval. eyes Their hind legs are slightly longer than their front legs.

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Coat: The Japanese Bobtail comes in both longhair and shorthair varieties. The shorthair variety does not have an undercoat but a medium length coat that lies flat against their body. The longhair variety has a longer coat that feels soft and silky. They also have belly shad and britches on their hindquarters.

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The Japanese Bobtail is a breed of cat with an unusual 'bobbed' tail more closely resembling the tail of a rabbit than that of an ordinary feline. The short tail is a cat body type genetic mutation caused by the expression of a recessive gene. Thus, so long as both parents are bobtails, all kittens born to a litter will have bobtails as well. The Japanese Bobtail is a small domestic cat native Japanese Bobtail Shorthair

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The Japanese Bobtail is a medium-sized cat that has both longhair and shorthair varieties. Males are bigger than females. They are long, slender cats with highly developed muscles that enable them to jump great heights.

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The Japanese Bobtail Shorthair (JB) is part of the Japanese Bobtail Breed Group and can be bred with the Japanese Bobtail Longhair (JL) with resulting kittens being registered as the breed they are within the breed group. G.

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Japanese Bobtail Shorthair - JBS This is a preliminary standard. Final version is to be approved by the Standard Commission, and will soon be published. General . Japanese Bobtail is a medium-boned short-tailed cat originating in Japan and having a special Japanese cast provided by its face Japanese Bobtail Shorthair

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Apr 17, 2020 About half of the Asian cat breeds come from similar origins. Siamese, Persians, and Angoras are among the oldest breeds and are the foundational stock for several Asian-based cats. Angoras are playful, intelligent, athletic, and like to perch on high and observe the entire room. Similarly, Siamese cats are active and inquisitive; they are also Japanese Bobtail Shorthair

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Japanese Bobtail and normal tailed cat.JPG 1,390 970; 591 KB. Japanese Bobtail Cat, Japan.jpg 283 250; 27 KB. Japanese Bobtail Shorthair Japanese Bobtail Shorthair.jpg 289 300; 15 KB. Japanese Bobtail walking.JPG. Japanese Bobtail's bobbed tail - URK cat show Vantaa 2006-10-08.JPG 800 739; 144 KB.

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Just like people, individual cats have different blood types. Most domestic cats have type A blood, but purebred cats, like your Shorthaired Japanese Bobtail often have a different blood type, usually type B or very rarely, type AB. Determining your cats blood type is essential before starting a transfusion, so knowing your cats type Japanese Bobtail Shorthair

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see Japanese Bobtail Shorthair: Breed code : JBT : Allowable outcrosses : none : Recognised colours : Solid colours: white, black, blue, red, cream tortoiseshall. B-colour: black & white; red & white/red tabby & white/red patterned & white (red and white areas may have tabby striping or spotting).

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NuDawnz Omoidasu, DM - Japanese Bobtail Shorthair female TICA: IW BW SGC NuDawnz Dobutsu no Mori is TICA's BEST CAT OF THE YEAR! "Acey" is the first Japanese Bobtail Longhair to achieve Best Internationally in any competitive category, and the first Japanese Bobtail to achieve Best Cat in Championship.

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Japanese Bobtail breeders can still import cats in from Japan, which makes the breed very healthy and with no known hereditary issues and also having a substantial life span. The average pet price range of a Japanese Bobtail is from $1100-2000. We occasionally have young retired adults available, and their price range is from $300-700.

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Shorthair Japanese Bobtail neuter. We are a CFA Registered Cattery dedicated to the Japanese Bobtail. We are a small cattery and our cats are not only pets, but cherished members of our family. Our cats live with us "underfoot" and with other pets including rabbits, hamsters, and fish and are Japanese Bobtail Shorthair

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